Our Community


St Mary’s Staff are qualified, dedicated and collaborative, with expertise and skills that enable them to teach across multiple learning areas.


Parish Priest: Father Carl Mackander
Principal: Mrs Leanne Clarke
Assistant Principal/Primary Coordinator: Mr Allan Jones
Religious Education Coordinator: Mr Chris Stevens
Secondary Coordinator: Mrs Maureen Milgate

K-10 Staff

Primary Staff

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Mrs Nichole Aleksandrovics
Mrs Rachael Whiteley
Mrs Jeanette Miller/Mrs Kelly Wykes
Miss Kellie Rich
Mrs Carole Reinhard
Miss Mellisa Nicholson
Mr Allan Jones

Secondary Staff

Mrs Wendy Slacksmith
Mr Christopher Stevens
Mrs Jen McNeight
Mrs Anna Brien
Mrs Maureen Milgate
Mrs Veronica Gilpin
Mr Alistaire Thompson
Mrs Rachael Sears
Mrs Susan Brown
English, Art, IST
History/ LOTE /RE
TAS/Food Technology
Learning Support Teacher
Early Learning Educator
Mrs Jennifer Quirk
Mrs Anne Edwards
Mrs Mary Crean

Ancillary Staff

Office Manager
Office Secretary
Newsletter Secretary
Grounds and Maintenance, Cleaning
Aboriginal Education Worker
Mrs Kate Courts
Mrs Michaela Eagleston
Mrs Jennifer Simpson
Mr Geert Wouldhuis/Jono Walters
Mr William Hill
Teacher Aides

Mrs Peta Williams
Mrs Jennifer Quirk
Mrs Rebecca O’Donnell

The Parents and Friends Association

The 'P & F' meets monthly, on the fourth Wednesday, at 4.30pm in the school library. All parents are invited to participate in its activities.

A sub-committee of the P&F is the Learning and Teaching group. This group meets monthly and focuses on parent engagement and communication. It comprises and parent and teacher representatives and reports back to the P&F.

The P & F is the major fund-raising body for the School and organizes and conducts social activities. The Association is also a structure through which parents can be informed of and discuss educational matters in the school.

School Canteen

The Canteen is facilitated by our P&F Association. The Canteen opens for recess and pre-ordered lunches each Friday. Parents are notified of the upcoming date, lunch menu and prices through the school newsletter.

St Mary’s Taskforce

The Task Force includes our Parish Priest, principal and assistant principal, in addition to parent, teacher, school ancillary staff, parish and community representatives.

Aim: The aim of the Task Force is to provide insight and potential strategies from across the many dimensions of St Mary’s Catholic School in the form of strategic directions for the next three years and an annual strategic plan for 2019 and 2020.
Goal: St Mary’s Catholic School has a highly effective school improvement process that builds an inclusive relationship with St Patrick’s Parish and the Wellington community, provides high quality and relevant learning and supports social and emotional learning.

Members of the Task Force have the responsibility of supporting and promoting school initiatives, contributing and advising on innovative ideas for the direction of the school and monitoring reports for the CEDB and the Bishop.

Student Leadership Opportunities

School Captains, Primary Captains, Student Representative Council, Sport Captains, Kindergarten Buddies, Family group leaders