A highly trained learning support staff assists those students who require assistance in developing their literacy and numeracy skills. This usually occurs in a small group setting, according to the needs of the individual student. Likewise, teaching staff modify and enrich teaching and learning programs to facilitate independent learning and, where appropriate, develop an Individual Plan which specifically meets the needs of the student. Programs include Multilit, Quicksmart and MiniLit.

Students in Kindergarten are assessed in a range of tasks to establish their learning needs upon entry to the school. Students are regularly monitored throughout their education and receive specialist support if identified.

What You Can Do?

If a teacher has concerns regarding your child’s learning, they will initially have a discussion with you as parents or guardians. They will also seek advice from the support teacher. In consultation with you, the support teacher may recommend a referral for assessment with one or more Allied Health Providers. Recommendations from these assessments will help with planning support for your child.

The support teacher will discuss with you the concerns identified by the class teacher and assist you to complete a referral to the Catholic Education Office Bathurst for an assessment. The assessment will either take place at school or at Dubbo Centacare. Following the assessment, a report will be sent to both you and the support teacher. The support teacher will explain the recommendations and put in place the necessary intervention that your child requires.

St Mary’s has access to health professionals such as speech and occupational therapists, to assist with their cognitive and physical development. The Catholic Education Office, Bathurst provides assessments from speech and occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and Centacare counsellors. Students who require follow-up sessions are assisted by the Learning Enrichment Team.

A representative from Autism Australia, makes regular visits to St Mary’s to assist staff, parents and students. Students with severe reading difficulties are referred to the Dubbo campus of the NSW Centre for Effective Reading. All recommendations and programs are delivered by the Learning Enrichment Team.