St Mary’s Staff are qualified, dedicated and collaborative, with expertise and skills that enable them to teach across multiple learning areas.


Parish Priest: Father Carl Mackander
Principal: Mrs Leanne Clarke
Assistant Principal: Mr Allan Jones
Leader of Ministry and Mission: Mr Chris Stevens
Leaders of Learning: Mrs Rachael Whiteley (Instructional Practice), Mr John Nugent (Curriculum), Mr Alistaire Thompson (Wellbeing) 

K-10 Staff

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Mrs Alysha Spradbrow, Mrs Natasha Redfern
Mrs Liz Carberry
Mrs Rachael Whiteley, Mrs Sharon Frogley
Ms Nicole Aleksandrovics
Mr Allan Jones Mr Jack Broome
Ms Kellie Rich
Mr John Nugent

Years 7-10

Mrs Maureen Milgate
Mr Chris Stevens
Mr Alistaire Thompson
Mrs Rachael Sears
Miss Hannah Pace
Mrs Kate Dimmick
Ms Helen Stewart-Koster
Ms Lee-Ann Kervin
Mrs Leanne Clarke

Learning Support Teacher

Early Learning Educator

Mrs Mary Plain

Mrs Hayley Jones
Mrs Sharon Frogley

Ancillary Staff

Office Manager
Office Administration
Newsletter Secretary
Aboriginal Education Worker

Mrs Kate Courts, Mrs Michaela Eagleston
Mrs Susan Power
Mrs Jennifer Simpson
Mrs Georgia Williams

Grounds and Maintenance, 

Mr Geert Wouldhuis
Mr John Walters
Mr Michael Moroney

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Rebecca O’Donnell
Mrs Cherie Hughes
Mrs Kristy Hawkins
Mrs Alicia Whale
Mrs Danielle Sears
Miss Ella James
Mrs Elaine Burnett
Miss Piper Keirle